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Bubble Amino Acid Bamboo Charcoal Deep Pore Facial Mask

Bubble Amino Acid Bamboo Charcoal Deep Pore Facial Mask

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1. The mask contains a long charcoal component, which has a good cleaning effect and effectively removes blackheads and dirt from the pores.
2. This mask produces a lot of delicate bubbles that penetrate deep into the pores and deep cleanse the skin.
3. This mask has a good oil control effect, effectively removes excess oil from the face, and maintains the skin’s water and oil balance.
4. Bamboo charcoal fiber has a porous structure, which can effectively absorb oil and dirt in pores and make skin cleaner.
5. Effectively clears pores, allowing the skin to better absorb nutrients and make skin more delicate.

1. apply the mask evenly on the face and stretch the sides of the mask to adjust.
2. let stand for 15 minutes, after the production of rich bubbles, remove the.
3. Slightly massage the remaining bubbles of the mask and wash them off with warm water.

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